Elysium - The Balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit
Sabine Krieger, Massage Therapist and Exercise Physiologist
Sabine was born in East Germany, and received her Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Health Science from Northern Arizona University. Sabine is a published researcher.
Sabine was a NCAA athletic and academic All American, as well as the 2002 German National Champion in the heptathlon. As a competitive athlete she was ranked in the  top 20 in the world 2002, 2003, and 2004. In 2013 she took the gold medal in the shot put and silver medal in the javelin at the Masters World Championships.
Her formal education in exercise physiology and nutrition, experience as a world-class athlete, working with post rehabilitation patients, her knowledge as a licensed massage sports therapist, and experience as a Yoga student provides her with a deep pool of experiences and knowledge from which to draw from to provide you with a balanced personalized program to achieve your physical, mental and spiritual goals.  Sabine's passion is to inspire people to become Healthy, Fit, and Joyful.

Pictures from the Master World Championships 
in Brazil 2013

Sabine's Gold and Silver medal throw in Shot Put and Javelin and the 100 m race of the 95 + year young sprinters!
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